Carborundum Schleifmittelfabrik

For more than 100 years CARBORUNDUM is active in the grinding material production industry. With the invention of the first synthetic grinding material by the engineer E. G. Acheson around 1890, the foundation for further development of the grinding material technology was laid. He called the material, consisting of silicon carbide (SiC), “Carborundum”. Some years later another artificially produced grinding particle was developed, aluminium oxide (Al2O3). Both products are used globally today and have made the work on surfaces with respect to precision possible in the first place. The use of many new types of grain for the production of our grinding materials is self-evident today. CARBORUNDUM is among the most experienced suppliers of high-quality grinding tools worldwide. Our products are “Made in Germany”.

All our efforts are focused to meet this quality standard. We distribute our extensive range of products directly our via exclusive partners in over 150 countries of this planet.

CARBORUNDUM is your competent partner for grinding tools in all grinding materials consisting of corundum, fused corundum and silicon carbide. Our products are produced in synthetic resin, ceramic and rubber bonds in various mixtures and dimensions. We produce grinding wheels up to 1280 mm in diameter and grinding tools for all existing machines and intended uses for precision grinding, ultra-fine grinding, profile grinding, tool grinding and rough grinding. The maximum operation speed is up to 100 m/s for conventional grinding wheels.

Manufacturing Technology as Factor of Success

Our journey is the permanent optimisation of manufacturing processes. Partnership is an active process. We understand partnership as the passing-on of know-how and consultancy on-site by our technical field crew and our application engineers. Also service and the compliance with delivery deadlines are self-evident. Our years of experience in most various grinding processes and the close collaboration with various technical universities and grinding machine manufacturers enable us to develop customised grinding products. By that we are able to meet the increasing performance and quality standards as well cost reductions.