Cutting Wheels – Fibre-Reinforced (BF)

Cutting Wheels – Fibre-Reinforced (BF)

Diameter Width Bore Grain Size
Bond Remark
300 mm

350 mm

400 mm
450 mm

500 mm

600 mm

3.5 - 7.5 mm 25.4 - 100 mm 16 - 30 BF common combinations

Industry Sector:
e. g. foundries, steel mills, machine construction, stainless steel industry, construction industry and construction vehicles industry

Fields of Use:
e. g., sprue casting, raiser, steel profiles, tubes, stone and ceramic

- cold cutting
- warm cutting
- Our cutting wheels are not suitable for hot cutting

Machine Manufacturers:
e. g. Reichmann, Trennjäger, Baumgarten, Clipper

Chop Cut

Traverse Cut

Rotary Cut