Cutting Wheels – unreinforced (B)

Cutting Wheels – Unreinforced (B)

Diameter Whidth Bore Grain Type
Grain Size
75 - 500 mm 1.0 - 3.5 mm up to 40 mm div. up to 120 common combinations

Industry Sector:
e. g. foundries, steel mills, automotive sector and construction industry

Fields of Use:
e. g. laboratory samples (Mat. analysis), precision casting items, profile bars, linear bearing, piston rod, steel ropes, Bowden cable, supplier business

Machine Manufacturers:
e. g. Silver-Cut, Kani, Bühler, Struers, ATM, Wirth Presi und Liebherr


Cutting Wheels – unreinforced (B) for Non-portable Machines

- cold cutting
- oscillation cut
- chop cut

High Quality Demand

- good angularity of the cutting surface
- good evenness of the cutting surface
- cutting of hardened and non-hardened components
- cutting of composit material and non-ferrous metal
- cutting of machine part with large cutting surface
- cutting of thin-walled components
- burr-free cutting without blue grinding

Examples of Application

- profile bars – semis production
- linear bearing – semis production
- piston rods – semis production
- laboratory sample (Mat. analysis) – steel mills and foundries
- precision casting – foundries
- Bowden cable – automotive sector
- collet slot – tool industry
- steel ropes – rope production